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Malware Meltdown Extermination Protocol

Malware Meltdown Extermination Protocol (MMEP) was a game that I created with three teammates in our final year of school. It was created as a submission to the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge (2015) run by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). Our team was lucky enough to win this competition and have our game shown at PAX Australia that year.

The user played as an antivirus program that had been activated in a compromised computer with the purpose of defeating the viruses before they took complete control. The player was able to equip and progressively upgrade several weapons to destroy the enemies, making combat turn in their favour. However, the enemy also becomes stronger, making strategy a key component to achieve victory. The player was forced to progress through the map as the computer corrupted around them. Each event, combat phase, and map was randomly generated.

MMEP Anchor