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Thomas Amann is a contemporary artist engaged primarily with digital sculpture, 3D modelling, and texturing tools used in game and film production. Thomas’s works have involved the use of photogrammetry, 3D simulation and modelling, visual scripting, algorithm-based fractals, animation, 3D printing, and real-time motion-tracking technology.

Thomas holds a Cert II in Creative Media Industries and a Diploma in Screen and Media from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Canberra. He has also studied visual arts at the ANU School of Art and Design, majoring in video and animation. Thomas’ growing accomplishments include winning the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge run by the Australian Council for Educational Research.

While studying at the ANU, Thomas’s work has been commissioned and entered into the collection at the ANU Medical School. His works during this period have sought to examine the relationship between humans and technology, attempting to understand how this burgeoning symbiosis affects the human experience. Rather than hiding behind a glossy, inauthentic photorealism, Thomas’s works have embraced the artificiality and malleability of the medium. Most recently in his work Life in Silicon, Thomas has utilised real-time motion tracking data to create an immersive and interactive work both exploring and highlighting the connection between humanity and the technology surrounding it.

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