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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where the Heart Is, Is a series of 5 digital photographs that when viewed in sequence, tell a story of the fears and anxieties that I faced while isolated at home due to the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. I created this series focussing on compositing and framing to materialise the thoughts that are most pervasive in my mind during times of social isolation. Having the demon touch my shoulder in the final image transforms the fear into something tangible, reflecting COVID-19’s influence on my anxiety. Due to the restriction on cinemas (luckily the biggest impact COVID-19 has had on me), I wanted to explore particularly cinematic horror aesthetics in the work.

I’d like to thank my beautiful demon fiancé Kristin McKinnon for clawing her way out of the depths of hell to appear as my subject in this series. Her creepy long fingers and cold grey skin were particular assets in this project.
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