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Demon Bust

This sculpture is my first real attempt at creating something in Zbrush and was made while learning from Madeleine Spencer’s Introduction to Zbrush 4R7 course through the Gnomon Workshop. Each tool I learned enabled me to add new features to the piece which resulted in what you see below. I later rendered a Zremeshed version of the sculpture in Maya using Arnold. This gave me my first taste of  high-low poly baking as well as more complex PBR features like sub-surface scattering.

I attempted to further develop the work by using textures and photoshopping elements with the sculpture however, I ended up preferring the very clean and untextured version the most.


The demon was largely created as a way for me to apply what I was learning however, its design was influenced from the artwork by H.R. Giger seen above.

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