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A Cinematic Life

My series A Cinematic Life addresses themes of artifice and re-representation through the recreation of stills from famous films that had a large impact on me personally. In the construction of this series, I was less concerned with achieving an exact 1:1 replica of the shots and was more concerned with evoking the same subjective feeling that the memory of these films evoke. 
Movies have had a major impact on my life, I grew up in a family of cinephiles who communicate through references to scenes from movies and television. I also met my fiancé while both of us worked at a movie theatre. By doubling as the actors and actresses in these scenes I have attempted to demonstrate my deep passion for film and speak to some of the particular facets of this influence. For instance, since I was 8 years old my family and I have watched Die Hard on Christmas Day every year. My love for movies has nurtured a passion for helping create them too, leading me to want to work in the VFX industry. Many of the visual effects in The Lord of the Rings were groundbreaking at the time, and went on to be foundational for the industry I hope to work in. For me, this series collectively represents the things most important to me. It speaks to my childhood, my relationships and my life aspirations. This is further supported by the fact that my family was integral in creating the images. Through the humorous artifice of this series, I have attempted to create an expansive and deeply personal autobiography. 

Behind the Scenes

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